What can I offer?

Working with people is my absolute favorite!

My current offers are: 

BIRTH DOULA PACKAGE – if you would like Anya to support before birth + be present during the birth + come once after

BIRTH PREPARATION 1:1 – individual meetings with you (and your partner if you would like) to prepare for birth and early parenthood 

BIRTH PREPARATION IN A SMALL GROUP – small group for couples to prepare for birth and early parenthood

Birth Doula Package

The package includes:

– An initial 30 min “get to know each other” meeting – we meet, talk and see if we would like to work together

4 hours of prenatal meetings together – signing the agreement, discussing the birth plan and the postpartum plan, talking through your wishes, ideas, and any worries. Anya is here to provide psychological and informational support, to listen with care and answer questions.

Anya is on-call 24/7 starting week 38

Virtual support if any questions come up

Support during the birth day or night

1 postpartum visit in the first 4 weeks

The biggest benefit of working one on one is the continuous support. I am here for you to be a listening ear, to answer questions that I can and to search for information together with you. Depending on your needs and wishes, we can choose specific topics to discuss. As a result of our one on one work you will have the knowledge needed to feel confident and comfortable about yourself and the baby. You will know that we can not predict the way things will go, yet you will feel confident and prepared to follow the process, understand the experience and make informed decisions. We will make sure to prepare both for the birth day and for the early postpartum days. 

The full price for the package is 18000NOK, which is paid in 2 or 3 parts. 

You can take a look at my Doula Services agreement here.


1:1 Birth Preparation

One-time or ad-hoc consultations = 950 NOK per meeting (1-1.5 hours)

4 hours of consultation time = 3400 NOK

6 hours of consultation time = 4500 NOK

One on one birth preparation is a series of consultations, during which we cover topics, such as: 

  • How to work with the information around us – the kinds of knowledge, decision making tactics
  • The birth plan, the birth team, partner support and birth satisfaction factors
  • When does labor start? – the latent phase, when to go to the hospital
  • Contraction, pain, relaxation – the physiology of pain, adrenalin and oxytocin, mindfulness
  • The birth and the first hours – phases of labor, types medical support, the golden hour
  • Care after birth for the mom – emotions, the body, postpartum plan, support network
  • Care for the baby – basics on everyday care and life-hacks from other families

In-person Course: Birth & Postpartum Preparation

We are happy to invite women and their partners to the group course! In a small group we will prepare together for the birth and the postpartum period. The biggest benefit of being a part of the small-group is the creation of a new community and a support network. When working in a group you get a chance to hear from others and to share your ideas with a group as well. There are 5 sessions, each meeting is 2 hours long. Over the 10 hours, we cover the physiology and the psychology of birth, engage in practical exercises, put together an approximate birth plan, practice partner support, and answer questions about the early postpartum. 

You can find the latest updates on the course page here: https://birth-mini.carrd.co/.
Will be happy to hear from you if you are interested to join. 

If you were a member of our course, and would like to have my Doula support during the birth, you receive a 15% discount on the Doula package.  


We have three main goals for our small group courses:

Offer a deeper dive into birth prep – in addition to physiology we look into the mindset and the psychology around birth and postpartum. We engage in conversation, discuss ideas, define what the best care for your family might look like and practice being prepared for uncertainty – which is often the key to the peace of mind. , share tools for the family. 

Bring in conversation and practice, we want to take a hands-on approach, not “lecture style” – each meeting will be about 60% discussion and practice, we will provide materials and will be available to answer questions outside of the class time. We will try art practices, will look into stories, will engage a lot in conversation, will create a warm place to share and be introspective together.

Create a community for the families – create a safe space where families can meet other families, so that after our meetings are over, there is already someone you know and can continue the conversation with.

I think most importantly,  our courses are not only about preparing for the birth, it is about getting to know yourself better, widening your knowledge on what to expect, identifying the topics to discuss with your partner and family and a space to meet other women, who are expecting.

Will be happy to see you!

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